Our Program & Curriculum

VBBLC will provide an educational learning environment for every child that attends our program. Our Christian environment contains hands-on activities. What that means in terms of benefits to the family is having their child in an environment where they are nurtured and supported in such a way that promotes positive self-esteem and provides the opportunity for optimal growth in all areas of development.

We stay current in the on going educational changes to better your child's educational growth. Our program is Credentialed by the State Of Maryland. That means we went beyond a center license to add more quality to our Center.

Our Curriculum

Our learning program is based on the Benjermin Spock Philosophy, "Parents know their children best."


 Our Infant Program

An exceptional place for your baby to thrive

Our space is built for babies on the move: look for bright mirrors, warm rugs, sensory tables, great books, and baskets filled with soft, natural materials. There are musical instruments, toys for pretend play, safe equipment, and outdoor places to explore. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our stringent safety, security, and cleanliness standards meet or exceed all state and local guidelines.

Even these youngest of children are encouraged to learn about their world through our individualized curriculum that invites exploration, celebrates each important milestone, and supports the transition from the sensory motor world of infancy to the increasingly social and self-directed world of toddlers.

Our Toddler Program

A place for growing curious, happy and confident toddlers

Our space is built for active and inquisitive toddlers with environments made up of well-planned learning centers that allow for physical activity, child choice and self-directed play, small groups, and supportive teaching. There are reading nooks, sensory tables, great books, pretend play areas, baskets filled with dress-up and exploratory materials, musical instruments, and outdoor places to explore.

Learning experiences are planned to promote each toddler’s growing independence, to enhance social skills, and to build the confidence needed to reach their individual potential and prepare for preschool and beyond.

Our Preschool Program

Engaging children intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially

Our preschool classrooms focus on children’s newly emerging skills and advanced use of language, math, and scientific thought. Multi-disciplinary learning centers encourage individual skills and emerging interests in academics, creative expression, and outdoor learning.

Our curriculum stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning. Children move to elementary school socially prepared, excited to learn, and well versed in the language, math, and science skills they’ll need to succeed.

Our Junior Kindergarten Prep Program

Ensuring children are prepared to succeed in school and life.

Junior Kindergarten Prep children are physically and cognitively able to take on more challenges while still engaging in important foundational learning like friendship building and developing a strong self-concept. Our READY for SCHOOL program helps your child reach his or her greatest potential in all areas including beginning reading and writing skills, math and science concepts, large and small muscle skills, and social and emotional development.

Our teachers stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning and the skills needed to succeed in school and life.


Our Facilities

Meals: At VBBLC we offer Breakfast, Lunch, PM Snack and some Light Dinners for extended care up to 8:30pm. We also provide food for infants except formula. Meals are included with Saturday Care.

Transportation: We use 15 passenger Vans, Mini Vans and some cars to transport children on trips/special events, drop off and pick up for school.

Schools we service: Allenwood, Barnaby Manor, Capitol Heights, Green Valley, Hillcrest Heights, Imagine Lincoln Public Charter, J. Frank Dent, John Hanson Montessori, Overlook, Owens Road, Panorama, Samuel Chase, Suitland, Thurgood Marshall Middle, Valley View, and William Beans

Before & After Care: We do give the children 1 ½ hours to complete their homework. If they finish early, we do give out reading or math assignments to keep them occupied. If your child is having problems in certain areas of school work, please bring it to the Group Leader’s attention so they can provide extended help for your child.

Trips: Ages 2 years and older. We take trips through-out the year especially for Summer Fun. Some trips are educational and some are just for fun. Children need an outlet to just relax and being comfortable to be a child. We take trips to: Museums, Roller Skating, Swimming, Six Flags, King dominion, Pump It Up, Medieval Times, Chuck E Cheese, Golf, Tumble Time just to name a few. Age 2 travels fewer than the older children.  


Director / Owner: Mrs. Walker -
Infant Teachers: Ms. Queen
Infant / Toddler Teacher: Ms. Johnson
Aide: Ms. Whitley
Aide: Ms.  Walker
Group Leader: Ms.  Walker